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10666 Gateway Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63132
Tel. 314-736-6206
fax: 800-758-9968
If you are interested in installing or re-selling our products, please feel free to contact us.

Benefits of becoming our dealer:
1. Dealer Pricing on top of our low internet prices;
2. We limit the number of dealers in your area so that you do not have competition for our products;
3. We ship and delivery to your customer so that you do not need to have inventory;
4. We bring customers to you. If you are our dealer/installer, we will list your name in our web site and refer customers in your area to you;
5. Strong back up and support;

1. Experiences in installation of solar thermal projects;
2. Retail certificate in your state;
3. Credit application;

We reserve the right to end dealership agreement at our own discretion.

Following is a list of our current dealers:

State Company Contact Phone Email
North Carolina Energy Strategy LLC George White 434-420-5000
South Carolina Energy Strategy LLC George White 434-420-5000
Virginia Energy Strategy LLC George White 434-420-5000
Pennsylvania TJW Business Ventures, LLC Timothy Wasser 570-293-0042 
Idaho / Shelley Sun Energy  Richard Staton 208-681-4707
Idaho / Star Renewable Energy LLC   Carl Simpson 208-577-6537
Indiana  Larry Ponziano  Larry Ponziano  219-712-5825
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