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Solar Hot Water Collectors

The SunChaser solar hot water collectors are designed for closed loop / pressurized split solar hot water system commonly used for northern part of U.S. with freezing winter conditions. 3 target magnetron sputtering coating inside evacuated tubes collects heat from the sun and transfer heat through Copper heat pipe and aluminum fin to anti freeze fluid, which in turn heats water inside solar water tank with built-in heat exchanger. Picture shown is a 20-tube collector. Installation/mounting brackets for flush mounting to slope roof top are included. Frame for flat roof installation is not included but available separately for purchase.

One or more of this solar hot water collector(s), a solar water tank for your desired size, and work station will make a complete set of split style pressurized solar hot water heater system. Electrical heater, gas boiler or oil boiler can be integrated into solar system as back-up system. They can be triggered automatically at preset time by preset temperature. Within a preset time section, when the temperature of top part of tank (T3) drops below the preset switching-on temperature of this function, back-up heating starts to work, when T3 rises up to preset turning off temperature, back-up heating is stopped. Within 24 hours, three time sections can be set with this controller.

SunChaser Solar Hot Water Collectors include 2 different sizes: 20 tube and 30 tube. They feature vacuum tubes with glass ribbing technology for added strength and beauty. They are SRCC OG-100 Certified.
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