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Work Station for Solar Water Heater Model FSP-SP106

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Item Number: FSP-SP106
Work station FSP-SP106 for solar water heater is suitable for basic closed loop solar water heater system. It includes

  • Wilo pump model Star RS15/6, assembly with pipes, fittings and gauge
  • 2 Gallon expansion tank
  • Controller, display unit and temperature sensors
Details about Wilo Star RS15/6 Pump

This pump is used for forced circulation of liquids in pipe systems. The main fields of application for these pumps are hot water heating and closed industrial circulation systems. Pumps are equipped with a rotary switch in the terminal box to enable manual 3-speed control. At minimum speed the maximum speed is reduced to approx. 40% - 50%.

  • Type 15 with Rp 1/2 '' port and G1 '' threads.
  • Zero-hoisting depth 6m, with blocking current-firm engine.
  • Housing from green cast iron.
  • Impeller from polypropylene.
  • Chrome high-grade steel wave with Grafit sliding bearings.
  • Enclosure IP44.
  • All rotating parts are immersed in the fluid being handled.
  • A shaft seal, being subject to wear and tear is not required
  • Fluid lubricates the shaft bearings and act as coolant to bearings and rotor.
  • The pump is completely maintenance free.
1. Dimension: 465×165×113mm
2. Input voltage: 100V120V AC
3. Power: 3W
4. Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±1
5. Range of temperature measuring: 099
6. Input signals: 1 x PT1000 sensor temperature probe 500, silicon cable 280;
2 x NTC10K sensor temperature probe 135, PVC cable 105
7. Output signals:
1 x Auxiliary heating output (Max. load current: 12A)
2 x Relay output (Max. load current: 3A)
8. System design pressure: 1 MPa
9. Safety valve respond pressure: 0.6 MPa
10. WILO pump model: RS15/6
11. Screw coupling: 1/2"
12. Pipeline Material: Brass
13. LCD-display
14. Range of environment temperature: -1050
15. Water protection grade: IP40

Major functions:

1. Time display
2. Temperature difference circulation
3. Storage tank overheating protection
4. Emergent stop of system overheating
5. Frost protection of pipeline and collector
6. Three periods of time adjustable on pipeline circulation
7. Three periods of time adjustable on auxiliary heating
8. Three speed levels on circulation pump
9. Adjust flow rate
10. Display system pressure
Please be aware that some adapting may need to be done due to the threads. The pump is rated with a max lifting height is 5.4 meters (about 17 feet). However, if you can bleed out all of the air in your system and apply a bit of pressure to the fluid, this pump can handle much higher heights when used in closed loop. The maximum height in closed loop is unknown but can be approx 10 meters (32 feet) with plenty of head from many elbows and turns in the system and get good flow once the fluid is under some pressure (basically, no air pockets). This heavy duty variable speed solar water heater pump is a must have. It operates very quietly circulating your fluids from the separated solar water heater to your storage tank. The 115v AC input voltage matches the output voltage provided from the controller for the system. Variable speeds allow you to control how fast this pump pushes your hot fluids. If there is a need for more pressure to push through extra piping, higher speeds will do the trick. All metal casing. This pump can handle very high temperatures. Perfect for solar water heater applications. The 1" inlet/outlets provide less restriction in flow of the fluids when passing through the pump.
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