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SunChaser Solar Water Heater Collector 20-Tube

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SunChase Solar Water Heater Collector 20 Tube
SunChase Solar Water Heater Collector 20 Tube
MSRP: $695.00
Price: $645.00
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Item Number: FSC020B


Include frame for flat surface installation?
  • 20-Tube SunChaser Solar Hot Water Collector 25.4KBTU/Day
  • Collector includes manifold, 20 vacuum tubes with heat pipes, frame for slope roof installation, mounting brackets for slope roof installation
  • Patented interior glass ribbing technology for the evacuated tubes adds to the durability and appearance of the collector without sacrificing the efficiency of the collector.
  • Maximum daily BTU in clear day: 25.4K BTU
  • Medium daily BTU in mildly cloudy day: 15.7K BTU
  • Size of tubes: 58mm (OD) x 1800 mm (Length)
  • Gross Area: 31.9 Sq. ft
  • Net aperture area: 20.45 Sq. Ft
  • Dimension: 63"(Width) x 78"(Height)
  • Absorber coating: 3 target magnetron sputtering coating
  • Insulation: Rock Wool (for high temperature resistance)
  • Frame material: aluminum
  • Manifold material: aluminum
  • Pipe size: 3/4" copper tube (no thread)
  • Net Weight: 180 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 280 lbs (including pallet and replacement tubes)
  • 2 or more replacement tubes will be included for free

    If during shipment, the number of tubes damaged are less than or equal to replacement tubes we included, we will not ship replacement tubes. Otherwise we will replace enough vacuum tubes to build the collector. You are welcome to order more replacement tubes.

    To install this solar collector on a flat roof or flat ground, you will need to choose the additional frames pieces option. Besides two sides legs, one supporting bar and bottom rail included in manifold box, additional pieces include:

    • 1 rear legs
    • 2 cross supporting bars
    • 2 side supporting bars
    • 1 horizontal rear supporting bar
    • 4 footing pieces


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